Year 12 to 13

Year 13 Course Selection Instructions:

  1. All Year 13 students must select SIX Subjects.
  2. Year 13 students who want University Entrance should select at least 5 University Entrance subjects.
  3. Students can not select more than TWO courses from the; Art, Commerce, Physical Education, or Technology faculties.
  4. NCEA students can select Scholarship. This enrols you in a course to prepare you for the Scholarship exams. You must select four subjects. This course counts as one of your six subjects. This course targets top NCEA students particularly those with Merit or Excellence endorsement, or those with outstanding ability in at least ONE subject. i.e. Art

Final confirmation of courses will occur after the NCEA Level 2 results become available in Mid-January. Confirmed course selections will be available in the parent portal. You will be contacted if the there are problems with timetabling your requested course.