Commerce Learning Area

Finance and Society

Financial literacy is a core life skill for participating in modern society. Students are growing up in an increasingly complex world where they will eventually need to take charge of their own financial future. Finance in society is a new course in 2017, which is a compulsory, half year course for all year 10 students. This course aims to create lifelong learners, by developing the skills for them to make educated financial decisions. It also aims to give students an opportunity to understand the impact these decisions will have on them and future generations, to ensure sustainable outcomes. This course will give all students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences, that focuses around inquiry but also aims to develop communication, collaboration, decision making and thinking skills. The course is broken down into three main topics

  • What does it mean to be sustainable?
  • Banking on it – which bank account is the best one for me?
  • Where to after school? – financial planning involved in different decisions once students leave school.