ESOL Learning Area

English is a global language of communication. As one of the official languages in New Zealand, it gives learners the opportunity to become citizens of tomorrow’s world. Learning English and in English will enable every individual English Language Learner to become literate and critical thinkers, able to articulate meaningfully their views, ideas and understanding in both oral and written form. As learners move along the ESOL pathway, they are able and encouraged to engage in cross-curricula activities which broaden learning opportunities and deepen understanding.

The ESOL pathway carefully scaffolds every learner as they acquire proficiency and confidence in using English academically and in wider New Zealand society. Lessons and learning opportunities which cater for the diverse needs of learners are crafted to ensure maximum engagement in aural, oral and written tasks. On-going links to the New Zealand Curriculum, its Key Competencies, Values and Principles enable learners to work towards University Entrance credits.

The ESOL learners are guided by a dedicated staff who liaise with not just the International Department but all other curriculum areas and services available at school. This is to ensure that individual learners’ needs are met to the highest standard and every learner achieves to his potential.

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