Science Learning Area

Science is a way of investigating, understanding, and explaining our natural, physical world and the wider universe. It involves generating and testing ideas, gathering evidence including by making observations, carrying out investigations and modelling, and communicating and debating with others in order to develop scientific knowledge, understanding, and explanations. Scientific progress comes from logical, systematic work and from creative insight, built on a foundation of respect for evidence. Different cultures and periods of history have contributed to the development of Science.

Science is able to inform problem solving and decision making in many areas of life. Many of the major challenges and opportunities that confront our

 world need to be approached from a scientific perspective, taking into account social and ethical considerations.

By studying Science, students will:

  • develop an understanding of the world, built on current scientific theories
  • learn that Science involves particular processes and ways of developing and organising knowledge and that these continue to evolve
  • use their current scientific knowledge and skills for problem solving and developing further knowledge
  • use scientific knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about the communication, application, and implications of science as these relate to their own lives and cultures and to the sustainability of the environment.

Year 11 Options Clarification

1st Science Option: (Core)
All students who wish to study science must select Core Science (11SCI) or Core Science – Enrichment (11SCIE). The top three classes are Core Science – Enrichment, and entry into these is dependent to results in Junior Science. Both of these Core Science courses (11SCI/11SCIE) cover the fundamental concepts in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space Science. Thinking, communicating and investigating skills are continued from Junior Science. 

The Applied Science (11SCA) pathway is more suitable for those that have struggled in Y10. Students will be directed into (or out of) this course by HOF Science.

Additional Science Option: (Extension)
Students who meet entry criteria (provisionally, a High Merit Overall level of Performance) are encouraged to select one addition extension science option. Please read the course descriptions for each of these carefully, and choose one that is of most interest to you. (11SCPE, 11SCBE, 11SCCE) It is expected that students wishing to study at a high level and in multiple sciences in Year 12 and 13 take one of these extension options. Please note: it is not possible to take two extension science options (as there are common units between each course that overlap) or to take an extension option without a Core Science. This ensures all Y12 science options remain open, so students receive a broad base of science understanding before specialising.

Year 12 - Three Sciences

Students may study three science subjects (biology, chemistry, and physics) in Year 12, so long as they have proven high marks in Year 11. Students who wish to apply shall select their most important two sciences through the course selection progamme, and request the third science. The deputy principal in charge of extension, or the HOF science will approve or decline this request. If further information is required, please see HOF Science. 

Note: Students will not be approved to do three science subjects if they have also chosen two subjects in mathematics.