Year 11 to 12

Year 12 NCEA Course Selection

  1. All Year 12 students must select a full year English course.
  2. All Year 12 students must select five other full year courses.
  3. All Year 12 courses are assessed by Achievement Standards and/or Unit Standards and earn credits towards the National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA) Level 2.
  4. Year 12 students who want University Entrance should select at least 5 subjects that lead to University Approved subjects in Year 13.
  5. Students cannot select more than two courses from the: Art, Commerce, Physical Education, Science, Social Sciences or Technology faculties.
  6. Students wishing to select THREE Sciences courses need to book an appointment with Ms O'Gram or Mr Jackson.
  7. Students wishing to gain entry into Extension courses need to book an appointment with Ms O'Gram.

Entry into NCEA Level 2 courses depends on Level 1 results. The results become available in Mid-January. 

Students will be contacted by their Dean if;

  • any timetable issues occur or 
  • if results indicate a problem with the 2021 course.

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