Year 11 to 12

Year 12 Course Selection

  1. All Year 12 students must select a full year English course.

You then need to select another FIVE courses from any of the following Learning Areas. 

You can select a maximum of TWO courses from each Learning Area.

The Learning Areas are

  1. Arts and Music
  2. Commerce
  3. Languages
  4. Mathematics
  5. Physical Education
  6. Science 
  7. Social Sciences
  8. Technology

Only ONE of Technical Production, Technology Building and Construction, Mechanical Engineering, Academy of Sport, Hospitality, Sports Leadership, Travel and Tourism can be selected. The two subjects from each learning area still applies, if a conflict arises the University approved subject from that learning area should be selected. Students who wish to be exempt from this rule must get permission from Mr Jackson. 

  • Students wishing to take three Science courses in 2023 should book an appointment with Ms O'Gram
  • Year 12 students wishing to select 13GTY (Gateway) should book an appointment with Mrs Houzet. 
  • Some courses have limited space available due to staffing and rooming considerations.
  • If any issues arise regarding the availability of courses, please see Mr Jackson. 
  • If you have questions regarding entry into extension courses, please see Ms O'Gram.

All Year 12 students are advised to speak to the careers department before they submit their 2023 course selections. 

Please note that although some of the rules have changed regarding entry into specific University courses, the intent of the change of the rules remains the same, that selecting a range of subjects from different learning areas is important. You must check the entry requirements for specific University courses as in most cases it is NOT possible to select a University Approved subject if you have not completed that course in Year 12.

Students will be contacted by the Year 12 Deans if:

  1. any timetable issues occur or 
  2. if results indicate a problem with the 2023 course.

Entry into Year 12 courses

Students need to pass their NCEA Level 1 award and then;

  1. Automatic entry is gained if a student gains 14 or more credits in that subject in Year 11. 
  2. If a student gains between 10 and 13 credits in the selected subject they will need the permission of the Year Level Dean, to gain entry into that course in 2023.
  3. If a student gains less than 10 credits in the selected subject they need to gain the permission of Ms O'Gram or Mr Jackson, to gain entry into the course in 2023.

Please consult the course flow diagrams if you are in doubt the course selection pathways.